The Truth About Belly Fat…


Here’s what I really want you to know, after months, well years really, of struggling with a stubborn belly that I couldn’t get rid of and, frankly, seemed like it was going to ruin my life.

I figured it out.

Here’s the thing: I got so frustrated, with myself and my clients, that I was like – I am going to figure this s**t out. It was my purpose to figure out just what was going on and what I discovered was that getting rid of my belly was the OPPOSITE of why I was doing.

It’s not about crazy intense workouts. It’s not about following a ‘diet’ and starving yourself.

As a personal trainer, that’s something I’ve always done for myself when I wanted to lose weight, that’s what I always taught my clients who wanted to lose weight.

But at this stage, it wasn’t working for me and it wasn’t working for my readers and clients.

What I finally realized is that what used to work when I was in my 20s and 30s just doesn’t for a 40-something, 50-something, or 60-something body.

It just doesn’t work. Our bodies are different, y’all and they simply don’t respond to diet and exercise the same way.

So once I realized that, I started researching and found that so much of that extra padding around the waistline stems from hormonal and physiological changes happening behind the scenes.

And some of the things we do to try to get rid of belly fat are actually the opposite of what we should be doing. They’re only adding more stress and more belly fat.

Once I changed what I was doing, I finally started feeling better, looking better. I had to change my workouts. I had to change my eating. And at no point was I miserable or starving myself, despite the fact that that’s what we all think works.

It doesn’t.

All of this was what led me to create my 12-Week Bye-Bye Belly Fat Program, and a more consolidated version that gives you a quick jumpstart, my 28-Day Belly Fat Transformation.

It includes all the research that I’ve done to figure out the right way to treat your body so you can finally get results.

It’s coming in January 2020.

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