Jenny Did It – So Can You

If you feel a little hopeless about losing belly fat, I want to lift your mood a little to talk about my client *Jenny (changed her name at her request).

She had a weight problem that she struggled with pretty much her entire life. She had tried every diet in the universe (she, like myself, is a drama queen…love her) and the working out was only just going so-so because, frankly, she hated it.

Now, I was going through my own belly fat struggles at the same time and because I was, I could now really see her situation from HER perspective, not just as a trainer who’s giving her assignments.

As a person going through the same damn thing.

I knew exactly how she felt.

None of her clothes fit. She hated looking at herself in the mirror…nothing. worked. 

I know that a lot of you can relate to that which is why I wanted to share this story and one of the tips I used to help Jenny lose belly fat, so make sure to read to the end so you can get that tip.

Jenny’s biggest issue, besides, having trouble sticking to workouts, was her diet. Like she would got on Keto or Paleo or whatever and she’d lose weight but then? She’d just gain it right back because she would have crazy late night cravings.

Like she would be really good all day and then, whammo…9 pm and she was like, I canNOT take it anymore.

She was convinced, though that she HAD to be on a diet all the time to lose weight and I was like…no you don’t.

No. You. Don’t.

Now, she was initially skeptical because she had this idea in her head of what you’re supposed to lose fat which is a lot of exercise and? A specific DIET. Counting calories, weighing food, you know the drill.

But I had to tell her nope. No diet. NO DIET.

She was all – “What?? No! DIET!”


I think we’re all resistant to the idea that “Wait a minute, that’s not the answer?”

So it did take some convincing but she was desperate. You know, at some point you just think “I have to do something about this!”

And that’s where my tip comes in here: Meal Prep.

No counting calories. No weighing food. No worrying about every bite.

We started slowly and worked on it and in the process, she lost 10.5 inches almost 4 from her belly.

She had a system now where she got to eat REAL food, food she could easily make (Jenny is like me, not much of a cook). And she could still enjoy the foods she loved. She could give into some cravings without falling off the healthy choices completely.

This created momentum – she was like “Finally! I can stick with something. I feel good about myself!”

Every success led to the next success.

So I wanted to share that with you and if you want to be my next success story, stay tuned because there’s more to come.

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