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You want to be active, fit, feel good but…something, you’re not quite sure what, isn’t working. But what is it?

Maybe you struggle to exercise and it’s hard to get started and keep going.

Or you’ve tried over and over but haven’t quite found something that actually works.

Maybe you’re frustrated by lack of results or you’re struggling to work around an old injury or chronic pain.

Maybe you’re getting older and you just can’t seem to lose the weight no matter what you do. And the truth is, your body has changed. You need something different now.

You are not alone.

Exercise often feels hard because we try workouts that just don’t fit. Workouts that are too hard, too long, too boring, too…something.

It’s easy to start thinking that the workouts aren’t working because of you…but it’s not your fault.

It’s time figure out what exercise looks like for you, at this point in your life because it’s different than for anyone else.

That’s why I’m here.

I have a variety of resources to help you get to where you want to be, whether you’re self-starter or you want a more customized experience.

Your Options

I’ve got some free stuff out there for your workout pleasure:

Free Workout Library
YouTube Channel

I also have some video workouts for sale over at Vimeo for a super reasonable price.

Vimeo OnDemand

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My 8-Week START Program has everything you need to start working out right now:

  • Cardio, strength and flexibility workouts specifically designed for beginners or yo-yo exercisers
  • A variety of formats to choose from – Video, .pdf or just audio 
  • A complete workout schedule
  • Personal support via email
  • Unlimited access…and more

Need more convincing?

Here’s something to think about: We know we need to exercise. There is no other activity we can do each day that accomplishes the following:

  • Help you sleep better
  • Make your sex life better
  • Give you more energy
  • Help stave off 12 types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and more
  • Help you lose weight and get strong
  • Make you feel good about yourself
  • Folds all the laundry and puts it away (ok, not really, but that would be awesome)

Looking at this list and knowing there are many more benefits, you may wonder why you aren’t jumping out of bed every morning to workout, right?

Because you haven’t found the right kind of exercise.

I’m here to help you start exercising and keep exercising. I’m going to help you find out what’s standing in your way.

I’ve spent more than 17 years working with people like me, people like you. Fit people, out of shape people, people who loathe exercise, people in pain…pretty much anyone you can think of.

My job was to help them figure it out.

I can help you figure it out, too.