paige-waehner-fitness-trainingMy name is Paige Waehner and I’m a certified personal trainer who’s been eating, sleeping and breathing exercise for almost 17 years.  Yes, that sometimes makes me very annoying to be around, just ask my husband.

I’m originally from Nashville, but I’ve lived all over the place and have settled in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, which is just outside of Chicago.  It is here in my little house where the brilliance happens.

I write verywell -

My current jobs include working as the Exercise Expert at (previously known as and training in-home clients around the Glen Ellyn area. 

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE.
I am a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE. I have been for 17 years!

My job at involves a lot of writing about exercise and I love exploring all kinds of topics, my favorite being the psychology of exercise.  It’s so interesting to me that exercise has all these benefits and we know about all these benefits, yet we still struggle with it.  That’s where I like to dig my teeth in and figure out the burning question:  How can I get you to take care of yourself?  How can I convince you that exercise isn’t so bad and scary?  

Aside from that, I really love working with clients face-to-face or skype-to-skype.  It keeps me in the loop about what’s going on with people, what they’re concerns are, what are they dealing with and what’s trendy—although I usually ignore trends because they’re just so…trendy.


Me & Huck (look at that mug!!)

My Family

I have a husband who ignores any and all exercise advice I give him.  I also have two cats, Ziggy and Milo, and a dog named Huckleberry who is roughly the size of a small horse.   My biggest struggle is getting the dog to stop jumping all over everyone or pulling me off my feet whenever he sees a bird or a fly or another dog or, well, pretty much anything that isn’t stationary.


Other Things I Like to Do

  • Write blog posts about everything from cat barf to the many things that annoy me on a daily basis
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Feel guilty about listening to audiobooks because isn’t that really cheating?  I mean, I’m not really reading and I should read more.  I have a huge stack of books that glare at me every day.the-cats-love-each-other
  • Play stupid iPad games (instead of reading books)
  • Feel guilty about playing stupid iPad games.
  • Write novels.  I’ve written about 6 and what I do is, I finish them and then I start writing another one.  I tend the skip the trying-to-get published part because it’s the part I hate, which is something I’m working on.
  • Write fake country songs
  • Workout.  Duh.
  • Talk in a stupid baby voice to my various pets
  • Drink wine
  • Print out recipes I never actually make
  • Listening to the Foo Fighters