What is an eWorkout?

Part of my job as a trainer is to build workouts for people, but how do I build something for people who live too far away to be clients? That’s where eWorkouts come in. I take all the things I give my face-to-face clients – Advice, motivation, instructions, workouts, coaching, therapy (No, I’m not a licensed therapist, but I’m kind of like a hair stylist – You can’t help but confess your tales of woe with me) and support and put them all into a manageable format so you can train with me in a different way – A more long distance way.

These eWorkouts are like courses where I cover all the relevant exercise topics we all struggle with – Losing weight, feeling good, getting healthy, sticking with it and staying motivated. They involve workouts for your mind and body because if they aren’t on the same page, nothing much happens, does it?

Get a taste by signing up for my eWorkout, which is all about Motivation – If Only It Grew on Trees. And, yes, I have verified that it doesn’t, indeed, grow on trees.