All About Your Abs

It’s Time to Forget About Flat Abs and Focus on STRONG Abs!


Strengthen Your Core

Abs are a hot topic in the fitness business. I know this because I’ve been the Exercise Expert at for 15 years and the number one search string every day is this: “best exercise to lose belly fat.”

Every. Single. Day.

It never changes and I think that’s because all of us have it – Flabby abs. Or, keeping it simple, Flabs

There are people who want flat abs,

But there’s something much more important than flat abs:


And strong abs aren’t always going to be flat.

Flat Abs          vs.      Strong Core

May reduce chances of heart disease, since a larger waistline is a risk factorPrevents chronic lower back pain and can keep your spine healthy and mobile
Look good in a bathing suitHelp you perform every day tasks – picking up the laundry, the kids, the cat, that stupid pair of shoes your spouse left on the floor for days (not that I’m talking about anyone in particular)
Get envious looks from othersHelp you at work – Your core works when you sit, stand, even type on the computer. If your job is physical, a strong core is even more important
May cause others to whistle lewdly at you when you’re walking byHelp you perform better at sports and exercise.   The core is the powerhouse of almost any movement and a strong core means more power.
I can’t really think of anything else- Maybe fitting into cuter clothes?Balance and Stability – Your core not only keeps you upright, it helps you avoid falling if you’re in an unstable environment

Stop Skipping Your Core Workout!

I know you skip your core work because most of my clients do it, too. Heck, sometimes I do it. Maybe you skip it because you think it’s a waste of time or because you don’t know what exercises to do.

Either way, I can help you with that and it’s so important. Your core is involved in every single thing you do and, if it’s weak or untrained, you probably already know it.

Signs you need to work your core:

  1. Your back hurts
  2. You have bad posture
  3. You can’t hold a plank for very long (or at all)
  4. Bad balance

Sound Familiar? Stop right now and download my quick and easy core workout… then keep reading!

Get Strong, Do Stuff

We’ve talked about the fact that you need a strong core and the fact that getting a strong core doesn’t always lead to flat abs.  And, yes, in order to get a strong core you need to do some exercises….BUT, what if I told you that there are OTHER things you can do too!! Other things  to target those Flabs, things you might find easier than exercise….maybe….dont’t believe me???

Wanna Find out??? What You Get

Each week for the next 3 weeks, you’ll get an email teaching you about other stuff that impacts your core.

And yes, I am a fitness trainer after all… you’ll also get a core workout each week that includes new and unique ways to work your core so that it’s a strong support for the rest of your body. Sound good?

Then sign up and let’s get started strengthening your core.


Strong Core… Here you Come !!