eWorkout: Motivation – If Only It Grew On Trees


If you’re here, it’s probably for one of two reasons. A) You want to get motivated to exercise or B) You have no problem getting motivated to exercise, it’s just that it only lasts until you’re motivated to do other things.

Like not exercise.

The problem isn’t you, believe me. The problem is with motivation itself. Just look at the definition of motivation: “[t]he general desire or willingness of someone to do something.” Okay, that implies that we should all just want to exercise because we know we need it to lose weight, be healthy, feel better and to avoid your doctor’s disapproving stare when she asks if you workout regularly and you say, “Um, I walked an extra lap around the block the other day.”

But, motivation doesn’t just happen like that.

Expecting it to just show up one day is kind of like me expecting to wake up one day with the irresistible urge to clean my basement. Even on the rainiest, most boring day there’s something way better to do than clean the basement.

So, where do you get motivation if it doesn’t grow on trees or just appear each day? That’s exactly what I’m going to teach you in this eWorkout. Sign up and, over the next 3 weeks, you’ll get all the essential tools you need to motivate yourself to exercise.

You’ll have to do lists and assignments, of course, and you may even have to do some exercise. But it will all be worth it in the end. Are you ready to get started?

Put the wine down… Sign up instead !!!