Tools That Can Help You Control Your Portions

Portion Control.

The scariest words out there, right next to, “Honey? We need to talk.”

The bad thing about portion control is that you have to actually pay attention to what you’re eating. The good thing? We live in a time where there are tons of great tools that make controlling our portions easier than ever.

Below are my favorites. Be sure to leave a comment if you have any favorites too.

Tools to Help With Portion Control

Meal Measure 1 Portion Control Tool 

21 Day Fix Portion Control Containers

Meal Trax Portion Control Plates

Apps that Make Tracking Your Food a Snap

  • BiteSnap Photo Food Journal. You just take a picture and the app does all the work for you. If you don’t have an iPhone, try MyNetDiary for androids.
  • Pertinacity – This app makes portion control really easy. You basically measure your food by your fist. For example, if you eat a sandwich that’s two fists, you just hit the little plus button. You can also set goals. Pretty nifty.
  • See How You Eat – This is a neat little app that allows you to take pictures of what you’re eating as a way of tracking your meals. Just seeing what you’re eating sometimes can be eye-opening.

There are plenty of other apps out there but these are some of the easiest to use. Be sure to leave a comment if you have any ideas.

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  1. Mary Cote says:

    Thank you so much for these very needed aids/ideas in portion control help! It’s so confusing to get a straight answer when I google for image ideas for correct portions of different foods, but especially for meats. You’ve really helped me! I will look into them!

    Have a great day, and God bless!

    Mary Cote’

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