Mixed Interval Treadmill Workout

Do you ever get on the treadmill at home or at the gym and throw a towel over the display so that you can’t see how much longer you have to go?

And then you lift the towel and go, “I’ve been on this thing for 3 MINUTES?!”

Yeah. The towel thing doesn’t really work. But, what does work? Is mixing things up with a little interval training.

The great thing about intervals is that you only have to concentrate on one segment of your workout at a time, which means you’re not thinking about how long the workout is, but just how long that interval is.

It’s kind of like tricking your brain into working out.

I’ve got a great interval workout that will make your next treadmill workout fly by. Or, if not flying, maybe walking at a brisk pace?

Give it a try!

30 Minute Mixed Interval Treadmill Workout