I didn’t feel like ME anymore

It’s Paige here and how are you? I know the holidays can be stressful so I really hope you’re finding a way to stay sane.

Now, here’s what I want to talk about: I remember the first time I became aware of my weight as a, well, kind of ‘characteristic’ that somehow defined me.

I was probably 12 or so and, until then, I hadn’t thought about my weight or my shape or anything. Then my mother, with all good intentions, mentioned I was getting a little chunky.

That was it. That was all I needed to suddenly know that this was something I had to worry about. To control. To feel good or bad about.

She never said anything about it after that and, like I said, it was coming from a loving place and if she hadn’t said something someone else would have (like my boyfriend’s brother who, on a rock climbing trip, mentioned I was, ahem, big – yes I still don’t like you ex-boyfriend’s brother – you’re  big jerk).

For a lot of us, that fight with weight starts early and goes on forever, and for me, even though I didn’t really have a weight problem I was constantly aware of it.

Fast forward to my 40s when the real fight began. Yep. It happened. Despite exercising, eating mostly healthy, being a personal trainer…I. Got. BELLY FAT.

Big Belly Fat.

It was devastating in a way I haven’t experienced before. I know we have tough relationships with our bodies, but this relationship? Went in the toilet.

My clothes didn’t fit. My MIND didn’t fit. My body didn’t fit. I didn’t fit anymore and I have never felt worse about myself.

At the time I was 43. I had put on 25 lbs.

This could NOT be happening to me.

But it was.

And no matter how hard I worked out or how many diets I tried, nothing worked. I was at my lowest point and I thought I would never feel good about myself again.

But then I was like f**k that! I can figure this out, right? And that became my mission.

Why I started Get Fit With Paige.

Why I started my Bye-Bye Belly Fat Facebook Group.

And that’s why I created my 12 Week Bye-Bye Belly Fat Program and, as part of it, my more condensed 28-Day Belly Fat Transformation Program.

It worked for me. I want it to work for you.

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