Don’t change your habits…upgrade them

How do we do what we do each day? The alarm goes off and we got up and do our thing – Workout, brush your teeth, shower, feed and walk the dog…even if you don’t feel like it, you do it. Part of that is just plain old habit (and I do care about my dog and my teeth, so walking and brushing are necessities as far as I’m concerned).

Some of it is discipline, too. And some of it is just – This is what I need to do to take care of myself.

Building healthy new habits is NOT easy. We’ve already got so many in the first place, how do we add more when it’s hard enough to do the ones we’ve already practiced for so long?

One way to look at is is this: Rather than feeling overwhelmed when it comes to creating healthy habits, what if you felt comfortable? At ease? I know…it seems impossible, doesn’t it?

So, why not come at this in a different way? It always seems like with diets and healthy habits and such, we’re always trying to take things away…the foods we like (no more chocolate!) or the things we like to do (turn off the Netflix and get moving!). Taking away is always a depressing thing, which is why I propose something simpler:

What if instead of trying to toss your old, not-so-great habits (i.e., snacking on candy during the afternoon, grabbing that bagel for breakfast, etc.) or completely overhaul your lifestyle, you focused on UPGRADING your existing habits?

By that I mean, trade “up” in your choices.

This shift in your thinking – and your actions – makes change a lot easier. That’s because you aren’t trying to “undo” something.

Rather than feeling deprived, it will feel like you’re treating yourself (because you are – and your body will appreciate it!).

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

If you normally eat a muffin for breakfast, upgrade it to a sprouted-grain bread topped with almond butter and natural strawberry preserves.
If you scroll social media during work or lunch breaks, you could upgrade that by heading outside to take a walk instead.
A cookie can be upgraded for a cup of your favorite fruit.
Try a grass-fed beef burger instead of hitting the drive-through.
A sandwich at lunch can become a chopped salad (seriously, have you ever had a chopped salad? Deliciousness in every bite.).

Your assignment: think of at least one habit you’d like to upgrade (get more exercise, eat more veggies, etc.). Then, think about your current actions and what you’re going to “upgrade’ it to going forward.

What’s ONE upgrade you’re going to commit to during the next few weeks?

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