30-Day Clean Eating Program

Here’s What’s Next:

  1. Save this URL so you can access it whenever you need to: https://getfitwithpaige.com/30-day-clean-eating-program/
  2. Create a folder on your computer called “Clean Eating Program”
  3. Click on the program downloads below to get your Recipe Guide, Food Diary, Pantry List, and Your Blank Meal Planner
  4. In table 2, you’ll find links to your weekly meal plans – These include your meal calendar
  5. Move each download into your Clean Eating Program File
  6. Start by scanning through the meal plans – print them if that’s helpful
  7. Now, check out your recipe guide – each recipe is linked in the table of contents should link to the recipe
  8. Once you’ve got a handle on the things, get your pantry list ready for your first week
  9. Problem? Email me!

Clean Eating Program Downloads (DOWNLOAD THEM NOW!)

Clean Eating


Clean Eating


Clean Eating


Clean Eating





Clean Eating Meal Guides (click on the images!)



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