Last Minute Fitness Gifts

If you’re running out of ideas for gifts, don’t worry. I’ve some good ones for last minute fitness gifts for the exerciser in your life. Or? For yourself! I won’t tell.


Adjustable Kettlebell/Softbell

This is genius!  A way to have a ‘kettlebell’ using the softbells and adding on until you get the weight you want.

Resistance Band Kit

These kits are so perfect for travelers or for this time of year when you’re squeezing in exercise whenever you can.

Fitness Towels

These microfiber towels are absolutely perfect for anyone who showers. I’m sure you know at least one.

Wireless Earbuds

Class Pass

Now they can access classes all over the place instead of going to the same boring gym all the time.

iPhone Arm Band

I can’t stress enough how much I use my armband. Great gift for the walker/runner or even for someone who just listens to music or audiobooks.


Flip Belts

Next best thing to the arm band? The FlipBelt. It does NOT look like a fanny pack…I promise.

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