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Dealing With Overwhelm During the Quarantine: Resources

In a previous article, I wrote about the feeling of Overwhelm as it relates to exercise and weight loss. As in, we feel like we need to do All The Things (diet, exercise, stress, sleep, etc.) all at the same time to lose weight.

These days, weight loss is probably the last thing on your mind, but that article applies to just about any situation, especially the one we’re in now.

In that article, I pointed to the main reasons we feel so overwhelmed 

  1. Lack of information
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Conflict
  4. Lack of control

Obviously, these are all things we’re experiencing right now, especially the uncertainty and lack of control. So, what do you do to calm yourself down?

I’ve got some resources for you.

To combat lack of information, visit reputable sites like the CDC:

The Centers for Disease Control

Every single fact you need to know is here and tells you exactly what’s going on and what you should do if you think you’re sick or just generally worried. Read through it, then shut it down and realize you have your part…stay home, wash your hands, and don’t panic.

Coping with Uncertainty:

Coronavirus: Coping with Stress, Fear and Uncertainty

This article has some really great advice about dealing with anxiety and uncertainty. Probably the best advice is: Stay informed but don’t obsessively check the news and focus on things you can control.

Dealing With Lack of Control

    1. Stop and Regroup – Realize that feeling out of control is totally normal and we all feel that way. Give yourself a break and instead of trying to do All The Things (whatever those are), just stop. Take a breath. Even do some writing or journaling just to get the thoughts out of your head. We need time to process so we can get rid of the panic.
    2. Go back to basics – So, we all know what to do as far as the virus – Stay home, wash your hands for 20 seconds, clean surfaces regularly and all that. Now, let’s get back to your life and what YOU need to do right now to simplify. For me, back to basics means organizing my house, getting laundry done, cleaning out my office, etc. It always makes me feel more in control to do the small things around me I can see.
    3. Keep it simple – Again, the overwhelm comes when you feel like you have to do everything – Stress, sleep, exercise, diet, etc. Keep it simple and pick one simple thing you could do for a better diet – Drink more water, for example, or eat your salad before you eat anything else. For stress, just do something simple – Close your eyes and breathe, take a walk or listen to your favorite song. Pick just one thing to do and focus on that.
    4. Ask for help – There are some great resources out there that don’t require you to leave your house, many of them apps you can download right to your phone like Talkspace, Headspace, Betterhelp and you can even find online psychiatrists if you need help with medication or other issues at My therapist is actually doing phone calls to help her patients, so that’s something to look into if you have one.
    5. One thing at a time – If your head is full, slow things down and just pick one thing to do right now. It could be cleaning out a drawer, checking your email, figuring out what to make for dinner. Just one. When you’re done with that, regroup and move on to the next thing.

Finally, stay in touch with people. If you need someone to Facetime or Zoom, let me know – I can be there for you and I won’t even make you exercise. Well, I might.

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