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We did this last year, you in again??

This year is all about easing into the new year…kind of like dipping a toe into cold water. Let’s take it slow, shall we? Here’s how it works.

7 Day Challenge – Ease Into 2018

Each day you’ll get an email sending you to your challenge for the day. Each day will include very simple exercises that anyone can do and include:

  • An Active Challenge
  • A Flexibility Challenge
  • A Mind/Body Challenge

No checklists or structured exercise, just some simple things to do each day to be healthy and feel good.

Why you need it:

It’s a new year and it’s easy to feel like you have to jump into some crazy workout routine. This challenge will allow you to ease into a few healthy habits each day. No muss, no fuss.

2018 – Let’s Do This !!

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