Stop Feeling Sh**ty About Yourself!

What’s the number one thing that stops you from losing weight? I know, it’s more than one thing, but the top of the list for most of us:

Eating too much and, sometimes, eating crappy food.

Here’s the thing: When you try to lose weight and it just doesn’t seem to be working, you feel sh**ty about yourself, right?

And that feeling creeps in throughout the day like, say, when you’re putting on clothes you don’t like or seeing at clothes that don’t fit anymore.

Or like looking at yourself in the mirror and only noticing all the things you don’t like about yourself.

Heck, every time we eat, many of us even feel guilty for that, even though our bodies do require food to function.

So, what do you do about it? Some of us decide to go on a diet and, if you do, how long does that really last? Days? Maybe weeks? And then you start thinking: This totally sucks and I don’t like being miserable.

The Real Trick to Changing Your Diet to Lose Weight

Diets do not work. This has been proven over and over. So what does work? And what can we do to help you feel good about yourself? Start with making small changes that are:

  • So simple you know you can do them
  • Don’t leave you feeling deprived or hungry
  • Slowly steer your diet in the right direction
  • Make you feel successful

The more successful you feel, the more you want to get that good feeling because, let’s face it, being overweight really does make you feel sh**ty about yourself and that’s an awful feeling.

6-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

If you want all of those things, this plan is for you. You get 6 days of healthy eating challenges, but they’re spread out over two weeks so you have time to work on each challenge for as long as you need to.

Here are just some things you’ll get out of this challenge:

  • Get clear about your eating
  • Learn about meal prepping and other shortcuts that make it easier
  • Step by step plans to move you through each challenge
  • Simple tricks to help you eat healthy without feeling deprived
  • Lessons you can build on over time


Bonus #1 – A variety of recipes that are healthy, easy to make and actually taste good
Bonus #2 – A shopping list for all your recipes as well as nutritional info
Bonus #3
 – A success worksheet to keep track of your progress
Bonus #4 –  A very easy-to-use food diary template you can use over and over
Bonus #5 – Product recommendations for tools that make healthy eating easier

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