30-Minute Outdoor Interval Workout

If you’re heading outside, don’t just go for your usual boring walk or run. Spice things up with interval training. It’s been proven to burn more calories, increase your afterburn and make you skinny. Okay, maybe not skinny but it’s more fun than just going the same pace.

Use This Perceived Exertion Chart to figure out how hard you’re working.

TimeIntensity/Speed Perceived Exertion
10Start walking at an easy pace, gradually getting your heart rate up. Increase your pace every 2 minutesLevel 2-4
5Speed up to a faster walk or jog so that you’re working at a moderate pace – This is baselineLevel 5
1For the next minute, speed up as fast as you canLevel 7
2Slow down back to baselineLevel 5
1Speed up once again as fast as you canLevel 7
2Back to baselineLevel 5
1Now see if you can go even faster than you did the last timeLevel 8
2Back to baselineLevel 4
1This is your last sprint – run or speedwalk as fast as you can!Level 8
2Back to baselineLevel 5
5Slow down to an easy walkLevel 3

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