Bye Bye Belly Total Body Dumbbell 2 – Slow Build

Bye Bye Belly: Core and Flexibility 2 – Having a Ball

This workout takes things to the next level by adding a medicine ball for standing and seated/mat work. You can easily use a weight here if you don’t have a medicine ball.

What You Need

A medicine ball (I’m using 4 lbs), a mat

Don’t forget:

  • Go slow and focus on form – It’s more important to get the moves right especially when it comes to your abs.
  • Skip anything that doesn’t work – Not all exercises will be a solid fit.
  • Use the pause and rewind button – It’s okay to stop and rest if you need it or to review an exercise.
  • Email me if you’re having any problems. That’s why I’m here. I can help you with form, substitutes or anything else you need.
  • Celebrate – You showed up and tried your best. Good for you!

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