Bye Bye Belly – Cardio 5 Kick, Pull & Glide

This cardio workout has a lot of great variety to keep you motivated throughout the workout. You’ll use a band, discs and a dumbbell to kick, pull and glide your way through the exercises.

This is a circuit workout so you’ll go through all the exercises one after the other with no rests. Repeat the circuit again if you feel like or just skip to the cool down.


What You Need

A resistance band, Gliding Discs (you can also use towels or paper plates on hardwood floors), one dumbbell (5-15 lbs)

Scroll to the following times if you want to skip ahead:

Circuit 1: 5:21
Circuit 2: 13:55
Cool down: 22:25

Remember These Tips

Make this workout work for you by remembering your options:

  • Go at your own pace – Sometimes I go fast but you don’t have to.
  • Use the modifications – I offer different versions of each move to make them easier or harder.
  • Use the pause and rewind button – It’s okay to stop and rest if you need it or to review an exercise.
  • Email me if you’re having any problems. That’s why I’m here.
  • Celebrate – You showed up and tried your best. Go you!