It is time to


No more excuses.
No more waiting for the perfect time.

Your Time Has Come.

Attention: Women over 40 who are tired of feeling sh**ty about yourself:

You can take control of your eating and your body without feeling miserable or deprived.

Everything you need to feel better.

Here’s Where You START!

Hi, it’s Paige with Get Fit With Paige and I’m well over the age of 40. That means I know exactly what it’s like to:

  • Gain 20 or more pounds seemingly overnight
  • Crave the heck out of All the Carbs – Bag of chips? I can knock that out in a heartbeat
  • Look at an entire closet full of clothes that I can no longer fit into
  • Hate looking at myself in the mirror because of my weight
  • Feel like a complete failure
  • Feed my guilt and shame with even more crappy food

Gaining weight is the absolute worst and, being a personal trainer who should know a thing or two (right?), it even doubles the feeling of failure.

Things change when you hit the menopause stages of life. They change in a way that we feel we can’t control.

But we can and I’ve figure out how.


This program is what you need if you want to lose weight and get your cravings under control.

I’ve Been There

About 4 years ago I was someone who didn’t really have to worry about her weight. I exercised, I ate healthy, and I totally didn’t appreciate how great that was.

Then, I hit my 40s and a couple of things happened. First, I got a gastrointestinal thing that caused me to lose a lot of weight – And not in a good way. And the thing is, when you lose a lot of weight fast, you gain back about twice as much fat when things get back to normal.

Yep that happened.

Also, being in your 40s and 50s means hormonal fluctuations out the wazoo – Menopausal symptoms like crushing fatigue, hot flashes, stress, bad sleep and food cravings that just won’t go away.

Even worse? I didn’t really care that I was giving into those cravings. Did. Not. Care. All I wanted was to feel good.

The end result – I gained 25 pounds and gave away about 10 bags of clothes that no longer fit.

That was not a good day.

While I was still exercising, my diet was crap and I wasn’t losing any weight. In fact, I just kept gaining…and then I had a few back surgeries and that threw me off my exercise thing…and…well, the snowball was well and truly rolling down the hill.

So, I had to stop this nightmare and I did. I took control of my workouts and my eating and, while I’m still working on it, I finally feel like I have some measure of control in my life.

You can too.

It’s Time to START

That’s where my 8-Week START Program was born. A comprehensive program that eases you into an exercise program with workouts that are simple, low impact and fun.

The entire program is designed to help you progress to the next level without feeling miserable or tortured.

What You Get

  • 8 Weeks of Workouts – There are 14 different workouts that include cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Each week you’ll get new cardio and strength workouts that gradually progress in intensity so you can get fit without having to kill yourself 
  • An equipment list – This list shows you all of the equipment I use in the workouts and my recommendations for where to buy them. If you don’t have equipment I’ll have suggestions for what to do
  • Assessment – Track your measurements on a regular basis (totally optional!).
  • Calendar with your scheduled workouts for the entire program, so you can see everything at a glance.
  • Multiple workout formats – There are a variety of ways to do the workouts: Video, .pdf and just audio versions of the workouts.
  • A Starter Packet – This packet answers all the questions you have about this program.
  • An Ebook – At the end, you’ll receive an ebook with all of the workouts for the 8-week program.
  • Personal support via email – If you have a question or you’re not sure how to do the workouts or exercises, I’ll help you figure it out.
  • Regular email support throughout the program – You’ll get weekly emails to remind you of your workouts and occasional motivational emails to help you stay on track. I’m not going to annoy you, I promise.
  • Unlimited access to the video workouts even after you’ve completed the program.

This program contains EVERYTHING you need for a full body fitness program for 8 weeks.

All you have to do is show up.


I’ve created a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility workouts – a total of 14 different workouts in all. There’s also a calendar showing 4-5 scheduled workouts each week over a period of 2 months.

If you were a personal training client, that would be the equivalent of up to 3 training sessions a week for $65 an hour. That comes out to over $1500 for 8 weeks.

A gym membership is over $80 a month plus an enrollment fee. For 2 months the cost would be over $200 and you would be on your own to create your workouts.


This cost for the entire START program
is only $150.






I did the first workout this morning!  It was great!  Didn’t hurt my knees.  I can see this helping a lot of people.  Love that you break it into circuits so that people can work as long as they want. ~ Suzanne, ACE-certified Health Coach,

This is an extensive, in-depth program that I really believe can work for you.

Like almost everyone out there, I’ve struggled with my own workouts over the years and, after lots of starts and stops, I’ve figured out what you need – What we all need – to keep going day after day: Motivation, achievable workouts, variety, and support.

That’s what this program is all about. I’m not throwing you into the water without your water wings. I’m going to be here to help you START…and keep going.

If you have any questions about the program or anything, feel free to email me at

I hope to work with you soon!

What are you waiting for?