7 Day Kickstart Exercise Challenge Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of your exercise challenge.

How’s it going so far? Are you finding some challenges harder than others? If so, notice that. It’s okay to miss some of the challenges…the idea isn’t to be perfect, but just to try to show up for some healthy behaviors if it’s been awhile.

Today we’re focusing more on total body with some simple, flowing movements that should leave you feeling pretty good. You’ll also try some meditation – Don’t worry…it’s a guided meditation, so you don’t have to stress out.

You’re going to feel great after today’s challenges!

Don’t forget to fill out your Daily Checklist.

Your Active Challenge

Accumulate 15 minutes of walking today

You can do this any way you like – All at once or take a few minutes throughout the day to get your circulation going.

Your Exercise Challenge

Today’s workout is a little different with a focus on balance, strength, and staying in the moment. The exercises combine movement with balancing poses. Take your time with each move and have a chair handy if you need it for support.

No equipment needed…just you!

Get Started:

7 Day Kickstart Exercise Challenge Day 4 – Total Body Flow

Your Flexibility Challenge

You’ve only got 3 stretches to do today all for the lower body. Do them as often as you can and enjoy!

Inner Thigh Stretch

Hip Stretch

IT Band Stretch

Your Nutrition Challenge

Choose one thing about your diet that you’d like to change.

Part of being healthy is, of course, the choices you make each day. The only way to get to a point where you’re making more healthy choices than unhealthy choices is, first, to practice.

Second, try not to overwhelm yourself with too many changes at once. And finally, be prepared. If you have what you need right in front of you it’s much easier to make that healthy choice.

So, today I want you to look at your diet from a bird’s eye view and pick just one thing you’d like to change. It could be as simple as drinking more water or eating more vegetables. Anything goes.

Once you pick one thing, think about how you could change it. Write down all the steps that would help you change that particular part of your diet and then? Do it.

Your Mind/Body Challenge

7-Minute Meditation

I don’t want to scare you – Seriously, the word meditation almost always scares me because I never feel like I’m doing it right. That’s why I love Meditation Oasis. They actually have guided meditations for almost any occasion.

Your goal today: Complete the 7-Minute Workbreak Meditation.

Daily Challenge Checklist

How’d you do with your challenges today? Use this checklist to cross off everything you accomplished and make notes on how you did.