7 Day Fitness Challenge Day 7

Whew! You made it! And you’ll be glad you did because today’s challenges are so easy, you’ll blow right through them.

Your Active Challenge

Accumulate at least 15 minutes of walking up stairs or hill-climbing.

If you don’t have stairs or a hill, or that bothers your knees, just get in 15 minutes of walking any old place. The point is to schedule that time and use it to be active. You can do it all it once or break it up…as long as you do it, that’s all that counts.

Your Flexibility Challenge

Do this Easy Stretch Workout at least 2 times today.

Your Mind/Body Challenge

Two-minute meditation.

Find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and focus on your breath by counting to three for each inhale and three for each exhale. Continue this for at least two minutes or more. If your mind wanders, notice what you’re thinking about and then gently focus on your breath.

What’s Next?

If you made it through the challenge, you definitely deserve a reward. I highly recommend some sort of spa treatment, time spent doing something you really enjoy, etc.

Beyond that, you can keep going with these challenges, repeating them again or making up your own. I also have a few things that might interest you if you’re feeling motivated:

  • Motivation eWorkout – As the name suggests, this is an email course discussing all the ins and outs of motivation and how to find some for yourself.
  • Core eWorkout – Again, the name says it all. This is all about getting a strong core – Not flat abs, although that would be nice, right?
  • 8 Week START Exercise Program – This is the Big Dog, a comprehensive program that gives you 8 weeks worth of cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts, all designed for the person who wants to start, or get back to, an exercise program. This program costs money, but there’s a free preview Sampler Program.

And of course, I’ll be adding more content – Workouts, articles, and more. If you aren’t signed up for my newsletters, you can do so now and you’ll get all the updates on whatever new stuff I’m posting.

Really great job on the challenge! It’s not easy changing habits, but I hope this gave you a little nudge in the right direction. Questions or comments? Shoot me an email and let me know.