7 Day Fitness Challenge Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of your 7 Day Challenge. You only have one day left…how’s it going? If you ‘re getting in all the challenges, good for you! Even if you don’t get them all, be proud of what you’re doing. Hey, you’re trying, right?

Just do the best you can and you’ll get a nice prize at the end. Okay, there’s no prize, but you should still reward yourself for all the hard work you’re doing.

Your Active Challenge

While watching TV, get up during every commercial break and exercise, stretch or walk around.

Even if you have a DVR, you still have to get up and move around. Do this for one hour-long show or for every TV show you watch this evening. Try crunches, squats, pushups, lower body stretches, etc.

Your Flexibility Challenge

Do this Core and Flexibility Workout.

You’ll need an exercise ball and a resistance band and some of the moves can be intense. Feel free to go back to previous flexibility exercises or workouts if this one doesn’t float your boat.

Your Mind/Body Challenge

Before you go to bed, take five minutes and write down at least 5 things you accomplished today and at least 5 things you’d like to accomplish tomorrow.

You can also use this time to write down anything you’re worried about, make a to-do list or anything else that will help you prepare yourself for the coming day, allowing you to fully relax and sleep knowing everything’s under control.