5-Day Ab-Busting Exercise Challenge Day 4 – Cardio, Shoulders & Core

Hey – it’s Day 4 – you only have 1 day left! Here’s a question to ponder: What are you learning from this challenge? Here’s what I want you to focus on:

  • The type and intensity of your workouts – We’re doing cardio and strength – 2 of the most important parts of any weight loss program (along with your diet, of course). The workouts move fast, keeping the intensity up and your heart rate as well. That = burning more calories
  • How the workouts fit into your life – Can you carve out 15 minutes every day for something? More?
  • How the workouts feel to your body – Do these workouts appeal to you at all? If not, what would? (Feel free to email me your thoughts)
  • How you feel when you’re done – Do you feel energized? Proud of yourself? Thinking of ways to get your revenge on me?

Yes, I am making you think, y’all.

Today’s workout has the cardio from yesterday and some excellent shoulder exercises as well as moves for your abs and back. Yep, we’re hitting the mirror muscles – the ones you really like to see looking lean and mean in the mirror.

Let’s Go!


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I can’t leave you hanging about dinner, right? Here are 3 new things to try:

Healthy Dinner Recipes


  • Go at your own pace – Sometimes I go fast but you don’t have to.
  • Use the modifications – I may offer modifications to make exercises easier or harder.
  • Use the pause and rewind button – It’s okay to stop and rest if you need it or to review an exercise.
  • Email me if you’re having any problems. That’s why I’m here.
  • Reward yourself – Give yourself something to look forward to for finishing your workout.